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Expanded Focus. New Products.

We've been working hard, expanding our focus to help dance teachers and studio owners even more! And that broadened focus, has lead us to add a new digital download and more to come soon.

What's the new digital download? I'm so glad you asked! It's The Beginner's Guide to Choreography. The goal is to help new teachers find their path in the journey of choreography. It can be a daunting task and we want to simplify the process. We can all agree that choreography is all about individuality. We don't want to take that away from your new teachers. We want to help make the process easy. We've created an outline, along with helpful tips and hints that will guide new teachers through the journey of choreography, while hopefully helping them avoid the common mistakes that new teachers make.

We also want to help studio owners by easing their workload. As studio owners, you have to do all the things; scheduling, recital prep, register for competitions and conventions, payroll, taxes... the list goes on and on. And your new teachers need a little TLC. They could use some hand-holding, especially now as they begin choreographing routines for your showcases and recitals. So let ELEVATE DANCE hold their hand, and you do the other things that you do so well. And don't worry, we encourage those new teachers to check in with their studio owner about deadlines and guidelines that they need to follow.

As we expand our horizons and put more focus on helping dance teachers, we're creating more digital downloads. We hope to have the next one available by the end of January! We'll keep you posted! The Beginner's Guide to Choreography is available for download beginning January 19!

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