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Our Story

While developing a new program for our studio's curriculum, we set out to engage dancers and excite them to learn more about dance. We wanted them to go beyond just learning the steps, we wanted them to elevate their knowledge and understanding of dance.


We spent over two years developing our first set of interactive activities; testing them in our dance classes and making adjustments where needed. And then it became clear, we're not just giving dancers new activities in dance class; we're engaging our dancers in a deeper understanding of dance and, at the same time, we're enhancing our curriculum. We're keeping dance on their mind and in their hearts.

We're empowering dancers to learn moreto understand that it's more than just doing the steps. And at the same time, we're encouraging teachers to learn more. We're helping dance teachers feel confident and comfortable teaching more than the steps.


It's for the love of dance. That's why we're all here.

Together, we're teaching more than the steps...


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