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We've all been there. It's nearing the end of dance class. Your students have been working hard the entire time and their energy is running low. You want to keep them engaged and learning all the way through to the end of class. If only you had a fun activity that would keep their focus, drive home the important details of dance and get you through to the end of class. It's time for Elevate Dance!

You noticed earlier that one of the dancers (we'll call her Sarah) took time to help a classmate with a challenging step or combination. To reward her, you ask Sarah to choose an activity from the Elevate Dance box. Of course, all of your dancers have favorite Elevate Dance activities, but it's Sarah's turn to choose, and she takes her time deciding, as the rest of the class tries to get her to choose their favorite.

Sarah selects "Do That Step" and decides to have "teams" for the activity. You let Sarah divide the class into teams and then you facilitate the activity. You use the vocabulary cards and take turns reading the names of the steps to each group, giving them a chance to demonstrate the steps. If they're correct, they get a point. If the step has a special meaning (ex: pas de chat means "step of the cat") and they can tell you the meaning, give them a bonus point!

6 minutes have gone by, class is over. They're laughing and having fun. And now they're reenergized for their next class!

That's how Elevate Dance can work in your dance class. Now take a look at how it will help your studio.

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