Welcome To Elevate Dance!

Updated: Jan 1

I'd like to invite you to join our Elevate Dance community. Our members can share ideas with each other, find ways to keep dancers engaged and help them to elevate their love of dance.

When we brought Elevate Dance into our studio we decided to go all in; we use it in every class (from 1st graders on up), every week, without fail. Elevate Dance is about teaching more than the steps. We wanted to be sure that we were making an impact with our dancers. We found that using Elevate Dance in every class keeps dance on their minds and in their hearts, beyond the dance room.

Here's a look at how we've incorporated Elevate Dance into our curriculum: The first three weeks of the month are Dancer's Choice; one dancer gets to choose the activity for the day. On the fourth week of the month, it's Teacher's Choice, allowing our teacher's to choose the activity. You may have a ballet class that has learned several new steps over the past month. Teacher's Choice Week gives us the opportunity to steer the activity in a particular direction. We can reinforce the new vocabulary words and having some end of class fun at the same time!

Introduce your dancers to Elevate Dance and then share your experiences with us. We'll support and encourage each other to be the best dance teachers we can be. We all do better when we all do better.

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