Virtual Is The New Together

Updated: Jan 1

It's so important right now for dance studios to keep dance on our students minds and in their hearts. Like every studio owner, I want to be sure that my students keep learning, keep loving dance and when this is finally over, I want to be sure that they come back.

My own studio has started teaching classes online via Zoom. It's not ideal, because, well, ideal would be together in the studio. But virtual is the new together. It feels good, it's definitely better than not seeing each other at all. Pretty much every studio in the world is attempting to offer some sort of virtual classes. We've come together (virtually) and shared our ideas on how to connect. We've offered up suggestions, and made new friends. I made a new friend in Buffalo, New York, just by posting a question in a dance teacher chatroom about Zoom. We ended up on the phone with each other and now we text each other just to check in, share ideas, ask each other questions and offer solutions. So although it came about in hard times, it's a friendship for which I am thankful.

But what about Elevate Dance? How can Elevate Dance play a part in all of this? I've been sharing ideas on Instagram with our followers - I've offered up some Trivia and Fact or Fiction questions for teachers to use with their students. And on my studio's Instagram and Facebook accounts I've had daily Elevate Dance challenges. I post a reminder to check our Story, and then the Elevate Dance question or challenge is in the Story. They can send me a message with the answer. Right or wrong, they'll get a prize just for participating, when we finally get back to the studio. If we were at the studio, this week would've been Teacher's Choice Week at my studio, so on Monday I sent everyone an email with links to dance videos; a ballet video about pointe, a video of a Tap Dogs performance, and a fun combination choreographed by Kyle Hanagami. I've received several emails in return telling me that the whole family watched and what videos they liked best. It's been fun. I mean, I'd rather be there, showing them the videos in person, but right now virtual is the new together, and I'll just keep trying to keep dance on their minds and in their hearts.

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