Two More Weeks!

Updated: Jan 1

Elevate Dance will be available to order in two weeks. I can hardly wait for you to be able to use it in your dance classes. My own dance studio has been using it for the past three years and a few test groups have been using it in their studios since this summer. The results have been amazing - and it's not just the students who are benefitting from Elevate Dance! Instructors feel like they're learning more too.

Elevate Dance includes instructions for 8 activities in each edition (ballet, tap and jazz). It also includes a few alternate versions. But it's not limited to my imagination - I'd like to encourage you to try it your way too. And if you create an alternate version of one of our activities, or even come up with a new activity using our cards, please share it with everyone in our Elevate Dance Community! Let's share our creativity and our success stories with each other because we all do better when we all do better!

Together, we can teach more than the steps!

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