Updated: Jan 1

A couple of cute things to share this week...

My neighbor is 7 and in dance classes at our studio. I'm not her teacher, but I usually stop in their class to say hi and she and her classmates always give me hugs. This week, I stopped by for my weekly hug, and my neighbor excitedly said "Miss Shannon! I answered TWO questions correctly in ballet class!" I asked which ones and she told me that she knew the word "tendu" and that it means "to stretch" and she knew that "chasse" (excuse the lack of French accents in my spelling here) means "to chase". Then she went on to tell me that Elevate is her favorite part of class.

And on Wednesday, in my 6 year olds' beginning ballet class, the dancers came into class and told me that they remembered new words from last week. They remembered "plie", "tendu", chasse", "arabesque" and "pas de bourree". At the end of class when we brought out the Elevate Dance activities, as beginner readers, they were able to recognize the words and tell me the meaning of them (well, at least those with a meaning). They were so proud of how much they had learned.

I've always loved watching dancers master a new step, but I'm finding it's just as exciting to see them master the terminology we use in dance class! It is truly amazing to watch their eyes light up when they know they can answer your questions about what a step is called and what that word means in French.

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