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Updated: Jan 1

My story isn't unique. At least not in the sense that I'm a studio owner who was frustrated with the lack of growth my studio was experiencing. I was doing all the "right things". I was paying for "social media gurus" for help with ads, I was paying people to help me attract the right customers, to streamline my business so I could work less and make more money. And nothing was really changing. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? It's incredibly frustrating.

So, there I was, tired of throwing money out the window, tired of hoping some of that money would somehow blow back in the window. I didn't know what else I could do. But I'm the kind of person who makes lemonade out of lemons, a Pollyanna, so to speak (if you don't know what a Pollyanna is, you need to watch the movie, or just google Pollyanna). Since my studio wasn't growing the way I wanted, I decided that for the following year, I'd make classes longer. After all, I had the time in my schedule to lengthen classes (my studio wasn't growing, remember?) and longer classes would equal more tuition. Genius!!!

It seemed like the perfect plan, until it wasn't. OK, so our classes were going to be longer, but how was I going to make the extra time meaningful? How was I going to sell it to the parents? I mean, we've gotten along with shorter classes for years. Why make them longer now? That's when I sat down and thought about what was really missing in our dance classes. What is it that really tugs at my heart? What is it that makes me want to share my love of dance? What gets me excited about dance? I mean, besides the obvious part; dancing. It's the little things that make us dancers. It's the history of dance, it's the secret language of dance, it's the ability to see how dance steps can go together in all different ways to create something new every time.

And there it was! The answer to so many of my questions was inside me all along. I created Elevate Dance for my studio, in hopes of using the extra time in class wisely. I wanted the dancers at my studio to love dance the way I do; for every little thing about it. For all its history and all its rules and broken rules, its limitless boundaries and its inclusiveness. I wanted our dancers at the studio to love all of dance.

Within a year of beginning Elevate Dance at my own studio, I found my students were asking for more classes. They were talking about dance outside of the studio and their friends were wanting to dance too! My studio was growing from the inside out. No more asking gurus to help me put ads out on social media. No more worrying about if I was working too hard for not enough money. I mean, I'll probably always work too hard, but I'm ok with that because I love what I do. Elevate Dance became its own success story. Not only did I find a way to share my love of all things dance with my students, but I found a way to share it with your students too! I've already done all the work! Now it's your turn to turn Elevate Dance into your success! Share your love of dance with your students. Teach them more than the steps so that they live and breathe dance just like you do!

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