Elevate Dance at NDEO Virtual Conference

Updated: Jan 1

This weekend Elevate Dance will be a vendor at NDEO's virtual Conference. I'm pretty excited about this new opportunity. For me, it's three days filled with Zoom sessions, and I am learning to really enjoy Zoom. When the pandemic first took over our lives, I had a love/hate relationship with Zoom - I loved that it was making our lives bearable, we could continue to teach dance classes, our kids could continue with school, and people were able to work from home. But, I hated the fact that we were all separated and I couldn't wait for things to go back to normal. Of course, we all want everything to go back to normal, but I'm starting to really appreciate Zoom and how we are able to connect with people we normally might not be able to see. I had really been looking forward to attending the conference in-person in Denver, but I think these Zoom sessions will be fun. I'm planning to demonstrate some of the activities in Elevate Dance, answer questions and socializing with dance educators like you! I hope you'll pop into one of the Zoom sessions - meet me, learn a bit about Elevate Dance and catch the excitement that dance studios are experiencing!

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