A Successful Spelling Bee!

Updated: Jan 1

I had a dance instructor tell me this week that her oldest dancers chose the Spelling Bee in ballet class as their activity. She said the dancers were slightly embarrassed (but collectively so) by their inability to spell the French words. But after class several students came over and asked to see the words they had misspelled. They all agreed that they will be able to remember how to spell it if they see where they made mistakes. Their instructor said she was so impressed that the dancers felt it was important to learn the spelling and took the time after class to review.

This is the kind of story I love to hear! Our younger students are always hungry to learn more, but when the older dancers decide that they actually don't know everything and ask for help learning something new, well, that's when you know this is worth the 5-7 minutes of class time!

Keep the stories coming! I love hearing what dancers, instructors and parents think of Elevate Dance! It's so exciting to see everyone's knowledge Elevate!

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